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The Voice for the Taxpayers of Illinois

The Voice for the Taxpayers of Illinois

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A Message From Jim Dodge

To the People of Illinois:

This election is about creating a future the people of Illinois deserve. It is, as President Reagan might have said, a time for choosing.

The essential question is very simple. Do you want our state, our families, to have a better future, the future we deserve? Or do you want to be lead down the path to financial ruin by decades of one-party control of the legislature? The challenges facing Illinois are not because of its people or Illinois as a place. Years of financial mismanagement from the legislature not serving our best interests have lead us to this point: public pension deficits so large they boggle the mind, tax increases that never seem to stop and never solve the problem, people leaving our state for a better life for their families. The list goes on and on.

Hello, I’m Jim Dodge, and I’m running for State Treasurer. I grew up in Chicago, my parents were working class, union Democrats who taught me the value of hard work, the wisdom of spending less than you make, and the value of education. I worked my way through school and built a successful career in the private sector while also serving the people of Orland Park as an elected trustee and Mayor Pro Tem. I earned an MBA from the University of Chicago with concentrations in finance and economics. I’m married with two kids, I served in the Army National Guard Infantry, and I attend All Saints Lutheran Church.

I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail.

As we go forward together towards the election, let’s keep in mind this is bigger than just Republicans vs Democrats, liberals vs conservatives.

It’s about a better future for all of Illinois.

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