Voice for Taxpayers

For decades, Springfield has been run by special interests and the entrenched political machine out of Chicago. They have armies of lobbyists, political action committees and politicians loyal to their campaign cash advocating for their agenda. But who is at the table advocating for you, the taxpayer of Illinois?

As Treasurer, I will be the voice of Illinois taxpayers. You can count on me to always advocate for the best interest of all of Illinois taxpayers. Asking the men and women of this great state to hand over more of their hard-earned money should always be the policy of last resort. We need to be able to guarantee to the people who elected us that every single penny we take from them is being invested in the most efficient way possible.


Breaking the Power of the Machine

I am not running for Treasurer to do the bidding of the political class. I don’t view this office as a political stepping stone, it’s a way to serve. I am running to represent the taxpayers of Illinois. My experience working in both the private and public sectors over the last 30 years gives me a unique perspective. I am not a career politician who sees elected office as a way to personally enrich myself, my family or my friends.

For too long, career politicians have served themselves and their political allies, leaving taxpayers holding the bill. And it explains why Illinois is a financial mess The disastrous policies of the Chicago political machine, led by Mike Madigan, have led to one of the highest total tax burdens in the country, a state government reeling in debt, unpaid bills and unfunded pension liabilities, and an economic environment that’s encouraging record numbers of people and businesses to leave our state. The state’s “credit score” is one notch above junk bond status.



Illinois should be a land of opportunity, but career politicians have led us down a dangerous path. Illinois is blessed with abundant natural resources, world class universities, and the best and hardest-working people in America. Our state is home to some of the largest and most influential companies and financial institutions on the globe. We are the home of cutting edge research and innovation.

And yet, inexplicably, we lag behind the rest of the nation. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We can start by holding politicians accountable and injecting Springfield with new blood. We need reform-minded public servants who put the needs of the people they represent above the wishes of their party bosses.


Tax Reform

No one in Illinois is undertaxed, we, as a state, are underserved by the politicians.

We simply cannot tax our way out of the hole the politicians have dug. We can no longer kick ignore the problem and the can down the road, leaving our children and grandchildren to pay for this mess. Finally, we cannot continue to allow the political class to use budgetary smoke and mirrors to hide the problems.

We need meaningful comprehensive tax reform that puts money back into the pockets of Illinois families, stimulates economic growth and helps businesses create tens of thousands of new jobs. We must find ways to cut expenses and make government work efficiently for the taxpayers.



We cannot rely on budgetary smoke and mirrors to hide the challenges we face - we need real transparency in government. It is time that the taxpayers of Illinois know the true costs of the political promises that have been made and will be made. Every single elected official should be looking at ways to streamline inefficiencies, cut waste, and end corruption.

As Treasurer, I will tell the taxpayers the truth. My loyalty will always be to them and never to the political machine.



The treasurer is responsible for the state’s investments, and past treasurers have let approximately $14 billion sit in the bank making 1% or 2% interest while we have a backlog of approximately $7 billion in unpaid bills accruing interest up to 12%. Does that make sense to you? Because it doesn’t make sense to me. No one runs a business or their family finances this way. We need to make investments and set policy that squeeze the most out of every taxpayer dollar. I intend to put our money to work in a way that makes sense to both you and me. Together, we’ll plan for a better future for Illinois.



One of the ways I intend to save Illinois money and improve its financial condition is through consolidation of government positions, cutting costs statewide, and ending unnecessary spending. And I’m starting with my own position. If we could save millions of dollars a year by combining the office of treasurer with the office of comptroller, shouldn’t we? There’s no need for both positions to continue when so many states function better with a combined office. This isn’t about my career. It’s about creating a better future for the people of Illinois.